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We devise marketing campaigns that connect brands to audiences through musicians, social media influencers, gamers, comedians, and other agencies to capture an audience’s attention and desire in a coordinated campaign.

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Spark A Trend

There's a reason certain brands (Gucci, Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Ciroc...) seem ubiquitous in music... they get it.

Music culture drives billions of video views, audio listens, and social media shares (daily). When coupled with other entertainment influence, the connection to consumers is boundless.

Give your brand a major boost, and become relevant with potential customers near and far.

Let us place your product in music related: lyrics, videos, social media, stage performances, live streams, film, and events.


Deeper Insight

Gain a more complete picture of your brand campaign's audience impact in addition to the performance engagement tracking already included.

We'll acquire platform analytics for video and audio placements (YouTube, Spotify, etc..) from campaign participants to include in the results overview (minimum spend required).

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Increase Brand Engagement

Our strategy services enable your brand to target or expand it's audience and prospective customer base through music related pop culture.

We begin by working with you to define your goals, then map out a clear plan to achieve them in a given timeline. This is what we live for: creating more success for you and your brand strategy than you ever thought was possible.

Let's discuss your game plan!


We Do It Right

The ADL serves as the agreement facilitator between the client and the ADL member to ensure that both contractual obligations and payment expectations are fulfilled.

The ADL Inc. provides contractual assurance and mediation so that both parties can focus on what they do best and everyone wins.

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