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To elevate music artists and entertainers who empower brands with their audience connection.

We believe in reshaping consumer behavior through trends in music. We do so by helping consumer brands harness pop culture to build a stronger presence.

We ignite marketing campaigns that fuel brand popularity!

Wanna spark a trend?

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The ADL Inc. prioritizes the needs of each client and each campaign. We strive to help you find creative brand reach solutions.

We are a culture of thinkers and doers who work closely with artists and influencers to create solid strategies that will produce measurable results for your brand.

At the ADL Inc., we work to make our client brand strategy a huge success, with product placements that leave a lasting impression with audiences.

Check out what we’ve got to offer and contact us for more information.

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Artist Development League Inc.

Leveraging work experience and key relationships in various forms of industry, the ADL principals collectively wield 18+ years of Information Technology knowledge, 25 years of US music industry expertise, and 12+ years of marketing and branding mastery in forging the ADL Inc's path forward.

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Reliability, professionalism, and outside of the box thinking is always guaranteed when DaPaul Madrid is involved. ADL Founder, 15+ years information technology background, 8+ years indie music video production experience, 5+ years screenwriting experience, creator of MAADEX, and driving force behind the ADL Inc. platform.



Dubbed "Queen of Music Samples" (Billboard Magazine 2019), Deborah Mannis-Gardner is owner of DMG Music Clearances, brings 25+ years of industry level music licensing expertise and an A-list resume of recording industry clientele. 



Owner of Ascendant Brand Strategy, a CEO Branding and Marketing firm that has represented many known recording artists, models, celebrities, CEOs and book authors.



Founding Board Member

Our mission, our direction, and our lives would not be what they are without your support, your guidance, and your friendship. Your impact on our world is profound and your light will be sorely missed.

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